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Data flows to apps that need it most.

Use real-time analytics and management of metadata to simultaneously increase the performance and optimize capacity of storage on-premises and in the cloud, without making changes to existing enterprise users, applications or storage systems.

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Hybrid Cloud Storage ROI Calculator

Identify hidden, cold data to reduce storage cost by as much as 80%.




Get smarter about your data center and multi-clouds to automate and improve data management as your enterprise evolves.


Instantly accelerate application performance and simultaneously move cold data to low-cost cloud storage with uninterrupted access.


Unlock value from billions of files and petabytes of data, but skip the stubs, symbolic links, extra file systems and gateways that add complexity, stress and cost.

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True Hybrid Cloud Solutions.

Hybrid Cloud Tiering

Reduce storage costs up to 80%, fully utilize low-cost cloud storage and equalize storage performance throughout the hybrid cloud, without disruption.

Metadata Accelerator

Instantly improve performance by up to 50X for existing on-premises NAS storage by offloading requests for metadata.

Enterprise Storage and Cloud Partners

InfiniteIO creates new business opportunities for hardware, software and multi-cloud partners by offering the fastest, non-disruptive way to implement a hybrid cloud strategy and maximize the value of cloud storage. Learn more.